Search Engines

The search engines below generally provide safe internet searching for kids:.

  • Kiddle
    A visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search.

Resources For Students

Password-Protected Resources For Students

Usernames and passwords for the following resources are available from classroom teachers, intervention teachers, the instructional technology specialist, and/or the librarian. Resources marked with an * are assigned to select students only.

  • *AAPPL Testing
    Links to an online assessment for dual language learners.
  • DreamBox Learning
    An online adaptive program that builds math proficiency. Access DreamBox using the RRISD SSO Hub.
  • *Edmodo
    Connects teachers and learners in a safe, online site and provides access to resources and assignments.
  • *iRead
    Reading skills and practice.
  • *Kodable
    Coding for kids; part of Hour of Code.
  • *
    Keyboarding and technology lessons
  • *NoRedInk
    NoRedInk is a language-learning platform designed to improve writing skills in students in grades 4 – 12.
  • *Seesaw
    Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio.
  • STEMscopes
    Science instruction, activities, and quizzes that are assigned by teachers. Access STEMScopes using the RRISD SSO Hub.

Acceptable Use Policy

Students and teachers MUST follow Round Rock ISD’s acceptable use policy when accessing online resources at school.

Herrington will offer both Chromebook and laptop computers for student use. Students will use the devices for doing research, writing stories, and creating digital projects. They will also use computers to access activities in STEMScopes science, DreamBox Learning math, and other web sites, as directed by teachers.